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IR 300 Infrared Camera System


The IR 300 Continuous Zoom Thermal Imager is the system of choice for shipboard, waterways, port security and surveillance. With outstanding long range target detection and recognition, this system combines exceptional performance with reliability and ease of use. The IR 300 offers an extraordinarily clear long range thermal image with the convenience of continuous zoom from 30 to 550mm. Its horizontal field of view extends smoothly from 1.0° to 18.0°, and it enables man sized target detection at ranges in excess of 8km in good conditions. The IR 300 utilizes advanced cooled InSb photodetection technology in a 320 x 240, 15μm or 640 x 415, 30μm pitch focal plane array and operates in the 3-5μm spectral region — the best choice for marine and high humidity environments. Self-protected in an environmentally sealed, nitrogen backfilled enclosure for simple secure installation, it is stable over variable temperatures and conditions. It employs remotely controlled and user friendly plug and play.


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